Thursday, February 27, 2014

COMING SOON: Etude House Magic Any Cushion #Pink

Etude House just sent me the gorgeous brand new Magic Any Cushion in Pink and I am so happy about it I wanted to share it with you! My paper box was smashed but the cushion was safe and in one piece inside. 

The packaging is so beautiful! I have been staring at it whole day! I am pretty sure that this is the kind of makeup princesses in fairy tales use!

The Magic Cushion comes in 3 shades - Pink, Green and Peach. It was originally based on the extremely popular Baby Choux Base (which I really wanted to try) and the packaging is similar to the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. 

I am so excited to test this product! The idea about a cushion is very innovative though about scary because I am worried about germs starting some huge colonies in the sponge. I promise I will share my overall impression of this product after I use it for some time. 

The Magic Any Cushion will be available for purchase on March 1st. 
Are you excited about it? 

Etude House току що ми изпрати този страхотен чисто нов Magic Any Cushion в розово и съм толкова развълнувана, че искам да го споделя с вас! Картонената ми кутийка беше смачкана, но кушънът вътре беше цял и невредим. 

Опаковката е толкова красива! Не спирам да я гледам цял ден. Сигурна съм, че точно такъв грим ползват принцесите от приказките. 

Magic Cushion е в 3 цвята - Розов, Зелен и Прасковен. Оригиналната идея е базирана върху много популярната Baby Choux Base (която аз много исках да пробвам), а опаковката е подобна на Precious Mineral Any Cushion. 

Нямам търпение да пробвам продукта! Идеята за кушън е много иновативна, въпреки, че е малко страшна, тъй като се притестявам да не си отгледам колонии от бактерии в гъбата. Обещавам да споделя общото ми впечатление за продукта веднага щом го използвам за известно време. 

Magic Any Cushion ще може да се поръча от 1-ви март. 
 Очаквате ли го с нетърпение?


  1. Awww you are so lucky! I wonder how EH picks the winners because I have seen a blogger I know win their giveaways more than once. They don't even respond to simple questions on their page. >...> You look like Snow White kekeke. Please review this soon =) I want to know if it's just like the Petite Baby Choux, or if they changed it a little. =)

  2. I also wonder how they pick the winners, really. It seems to me that they choose bloggers who can make free advertising for them...
    I had troubles with delivery and wrote to them several emails, needless to say I got no response. I was very mad at them but I decided to stay quiet for now. I got the product on the same day as the deadline for their mission and if I get disqualified for that then I will speak up my mind.

  3. I agree with you. It kinda makes me mad because they make it seem like they're being nice to people and whatever giving away stuff, but honestly it's always the same girls winning...they just want pretty girls to use their stuff and show their followers. They don't care about the rest of us. I don't think any of their contests are actually random or based off of our answers/entries.

    I've heard they're bad at responding even to the people they sponsor. I can't wait to see your review anyway!


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